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DTU Admit Card 2014- 15

DTU (Delhi Technical University) offers a variety of courses, admissions in which is taken through the written examinations as held by the University itself. The candidates aspiring to get admission can apply by visiting the official website. After applying, do take your admit card for examination, instructions to which are given below…

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DTU Syllabus:-


Infinite series: Conditional convergence, Alternating series, Tests for convergence of series (ratio, comparison, root, Raabe’s, logarithmic, integral), Absolute convergence, Calculus of single variable: Radius of curvature, Taylor’s & Maclaurin’s expansion


Conventional Analysis: Types of titrations, Volumetric Analysis, Theory of indicators; Spectral Analysis: Lambert-Beer’s Law, Electromagnetic radiation, UV-VIS, instrumentation & applications, IR; Thermal Methods of Analysis: working and applications of Thermogravimetry, principle, Differential thermal analysis & Differential scanning calorimetry.


Relativity: Michelson – Morley experiment and its implications, Review of concepts of frames of reference and Galilean transformation equation, Einstein’s special theory of relativity, Law of addition of velocities, Lorentz transformation equations, Mass variation with velocity, Mass energy relation, Concept of energy and momentum; Physical optics- Multiple beam interference and Fabry- Perot interferometer, Interference by division of wave front and amplitude

Electrical Sciences-

DC Network: power and energy, Series circuits and parallel circuits, Kirchoff’s Laws; Delta-star conversion, Thevenin’s Theorem, Superposition Theorem, Norton’s theorem, Tellgen Theorem, Maximum Power Transfer Theorem; Single Phase AC Circuits: average and effective values of sinusoids, Single phase EMF generation, series and parallel circuits, complex representation of impedance, concept of phasor, power factor, phasor diagram, power in complex notation, reactive power and apparent power, real power, Resonance in series and parallel circuits, bandwidth and their relationship, Q-factor, half power points

Way to attain DTU Admit Card 2014- 15:

1. The applicants will firstly have to visit the official website of DTU.

2. Now select the admit card bar available on the page.

3. Search and click the link for appropriate examination admit card for which you have made registration in.

4. Fill the requisite information that are being asked there.

5. Select to submit the entered information.

6. Find your admit card on your work station’s screen.

7. Save the same and have few hard copies for further reference.

Registered Gateway: dce.edu


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