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All Disney Channel Broadcasts will be closed? Know the reason behind this

Post Last Updates: Monday, December 5, 2022 @ 5:58 PM

All Disney Channel Broadcasts will be closed? Know the reason behind this

Many viewers are perplexed by reports about the future of Disney Channel in Russia – is the channel set to cease all broadcasts in 2022?

All Disney Channel Broadcasts will be closed? Know the reason behind this

The popular channel is home to many children’s television shows, original television movies, and fan favorite shows.

From family television shows to entertainment resorts around the world, The Walt Disney Company is one of the largest companies for family-friendly shows and activities.

Will Disney Channel Stop All Broadcasting In 2022?

No, Disney Channel will not stop broadcasting all over the world in 2022. Confusion began after several media outlets reported on the channel’s future in Russia.

According to Reuters, the channel will reportedly stop broadcasting in Russia from December 14, 2022, Kommersant newspaper reported, citing other media.

According to media reports, a new channel called Solntse, which translates to Sun, will reportedly replace Disney Channel.

Back in March, The Walt Disney Company confirmed that it would close all business in Russia, but the closure of linear channels may take longer due to contractual specifics.

Disney Channel has been broadcasting in Russia since 2010 with several original television shows and children’s programs.

Users are giving feedback on the report through Twitter

The reports have left many Disney Channel viewers confused as some have assumed the channel would stop broadcasting everywhere after the misleading news headlines.

One viewer tweeted in response to a news report: “You guys scared me it’s only in Russia.”

Another clarified that the channel was “simply discontinuing its broadcasts in Russia” because a headline gave “without giving the implications it was all over”.

Another astonished viewer asked: “Is it true that the Disney Channel will cease to exist due to the losses or is it a rumour ?”=

Other Disney News

In other news, Bob Iger was recently appointed chief executive of Disney after Bob Chapek stepped down. Iger had been Disney’s chief executive since 2005 and reportedly delayed his retirement three times during that period.

Disney confirmed in a statement last month: “We thank Bob Chapek for his service to Disney over his long career, including navigating the company through the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic.”

The statement continued: “The board concludes that, as Disney embarks on an increasingly complex period of industry transformation, Bob Iger is uniquely positioned to lead the company through this important period.”


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