Disciplined Recruitment Process Leads To An Efficient Work Force Of An Organization

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How important is the employee to an organization? This question would have different answers when it is received in a candid manner. On the outside, everybody would agree that the employees are the back bone of any organization. But how far is this fact brought into practice in real life? Employers are well aware of this fact, but still make mistakes when hiring the employees.
The most common mistake that occurs during the hiring process is about recognizing the mindset and attitude of the person who is appearing for the interviews. Most companies try to shift the hiring process on to another consultancy or job recruiting agency. These people shortlist a number of candidates and send them for the final round of interview, get their commissions on the successful selection of the candidates send by them and then go off.
The mindset of the candidate, the attitude towards the job, and the sincerity is something that is given a miss. This process of recruitment gives onto the company a person who might not be completely dedicated to the working affairs. This person might be in the job for personal growth or might be aiming at the job as a stop gap arrangement. The contribution towards the growth of the company is almost negligible. Such persons can become liabilities rather than assets for the company in the long run.
A situation of this kind is easily avoided if the temperament is gauged from the very beginning of the recruiting process. A fitting candidate for the suitable job is picked up who can work with dedication and sincerity towards the growth of the company. The results would be clear in the long run as well as the working temperament would reveal the recruit’s nature from the beginning. To achieve such filtered results, companies should give stress on a disciplined recruitment process.
The initial rounds of interviews and screenings should be properly executed so that a few of the most suitable candidates are selected. Of them, the one which suits the company’s profile should be offered the job. In a sense, the most qualified candidate is not always the best person for the job. Foremost, the temperament and attitude of the person is important. The company has to look at the return of investment on the new recruit.
A lot of money is spent on the hiring process as well as towards the salary and perks. The cost to company is to be returned back in form of dedication and labour so that the benefits are accrued by the company. A number of employees with the right mindset can work cumulatively and lead to an overall growth. On close observation, it would be clear that it is the work force of an organization that is entirely responsible for its growth or downfall. The financial aspect of the organization comes second. With the right people working for an organization, the rest of the pieces fall into place. And unless, people are not sincere in their contribution towards the company, the growth of the company doesn’t proceed.
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