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Digital Marketing Career Opportunities

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Exclusive Interview with Kapil Heera on Digital Marketing Career Opportunities

If there’s a field which has seen rapid growth in terms of career opportunities, it is digital marketing.

Every field of work has evolved in the past decade. We have started using net banking and mobile wallets instead of going to the local bank. We have started shopping online more and more. Even for something as simple and personal as talking to a friend, we rely on digital devices and platforms.

The common thread in all these experiences is digitization. The seismic changes in our lives have been brought by the rise of digital platforms. Like many other fields, marketing has also been taken over by the digital revolution.

Digital marketing has become the new ‘rising’ industry at the turn of the new decade.

In order to guide this change in marketing, there is a natural need for digital marketing professionals to come to the fore. From the biggest brands in any given sector to small businesses and startups, everyone is hiring digital marketing. There has never been a time in the last two decades when digital marketing career opportunities were more easily available.

To discuss this trend, we sat down with Kapil Heera and covered some crucial aspects of the many career opportunities available in digital marketing.

Is There Scope in Digital Marketing?

At the start of the interview, we first broached the topic of the scope of digital marketing?

“If you asked me seven or eight years back, I would be a little hesitant. I have never doubted the scope of digital marketing but I doubted how quickly it would be accepted widely.

I can safely say that digital marketing is the best career option a young student can choose right now. There are opportunities everywhere for digital marketers, both in the private and public sector.’

What Type of Roles Do Digital Marketing Openings Offer?

We soon delved into the nitty-gritty of digital marketing opportunities. Kapil Heera had some interesting points to make.

“The job a fresher can expect to get is that of a digital marketing executive. If you’re good at writing or creating content, content writing is an option as well. In the public sector, I have seen ORM roles become very common. SEO and AdWords analysts and executives continue to be the most common roles up for grabs in digital marketing opportunities.’

How Can Students Prepare Themselves to Take on Digital Marketing Career Opportunities?

When asked about how students can prepare for the best career opportunities in digital marketing, Kapil Heera explained in detail. 

“There is no shortage of options, that much is clear. Students can learn digital marketing for free by reading different blogs and watching YouTube videos on digital marketing. They can also study through online digital marketing courses.

In my opinion, nothing is better than a classroom digital marketing course. Students get the chance to interact with trainers and meet other fellow students who are also learning digital marketing”

What is the Future of Digital Marketing?

“Bright. Promising. That is my belief, and although I am not an astrologer, I do have a keen sense about digital marketing and its relevance. Digital marketing is an incredibly safe field to start a career in”

In Conclusion

In our interview with Kapil Heera on digital marketing career opportunities, we learned a lot about the different paths open to students interested in becoming a part of the field.

About Kapil Heera – Kapil Heera is an SEO expert by profession and a blogger. He has trained many thousands of students in his long career in digital marketing and served as a consultant for many top companies and brands. He co-founded in 2008. The institute is best known for being a top-notch institute for its digital marketing course in Delhi


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