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Cr Rao Passed Away : What Was Mathematical Statistician Nobel Prize Winner’s Cause Of Death?

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Cr Rao Passed Away : What Was Mathematical Statistician Nobel Prize Winner’s Cause Of Death?

Cr Rao Passed Away : What Was Mathematical Statistician Nobel Prize Winner’s Cause Of Death?

News : Renowned Indian-American mathematician C.R. Rao has passed away, marking the end of an era. He stood as one of the most illustrious mathematical minds of our contemporary world, etching his name into history through numerous groundbreaking achievements. The astonishing fact lies in his lifespan, which extended beyond a century, culminating in his peaceful departure at the remarkable age of 102. This news reverberates as a profound shock. Eulogies and tributes pour in from his admirers and those he influenced. In the following piece, we commemorate the legacy of C.R. Rao, delving into the life of this extraordinary individual.

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Cr Rao Passed Away

Born on September 10, 1920, in Hadagali, Bellary, Madras Presidency, British India (now located in Karnataka, India), C.R. Rao bore the full name of Calyampudi Radhakrishna Rao, although he was widely recognized as C.R. Rao. This distinguished individual garnered recognition as a prominent Indian-American mathematician and an esteemed statistician. Prior to his passing, he held the position of professor emeritus at Pennsylvania State University, concurrently serving as a Research professor at the University at Buffalo. His legacy encompasses remarkable feats in the realm of mathematics, marking him as a record-breaking luminary. Belonging to a Telugu-Indian family, he held the distinction of being the tenth offspring within his familial lineage.

C.R. Rao’s educational journey encompassed various locales, including Gudur, Nuzvid, Nandigama, and Vishakapatnam. His pursuit of knowledge led him to earn an MSc in mathematics from Andhra University, followed by an MA in statistics from Calcutta University. In 1948, he further solidified his academic prowess by obtaining a Ph.D. from King’s College, Cambridge University..

Embarking upon his professional path, C.R. Rao initiated his career at the Indian Statistical Institute, simultaneously contributing to the Anthropological Museum in Cambridge. His remarkable achievements extend to receiving an astounding 38 honorary doctoral degrees from institutions across 19 different countries, firmly establishing his legacy as a record-setting luminary in his field.

The demise of C.R. Rao has drawn widespread notice, prompting an outpouring of condolences to his bereaved family. His passing occurred on Tuesday, August 22, 2023, a moment that has captured collective astonishment given his age of 102. The circumstances surrounding his departure remain shrouded in mystery, as no official information concerning the cause of his death has yet been divulged.

Notably, media outlets have refrained from providing any insights into this matter. His passing transpired just a few days prior to what would have been his 103rd birthday. As we reflect on his legacy, our thoughts turn to hoping for his peaceful repose in the realm beyond. May his soul find tranquility and Rest in Peace.

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