Certain Social Trends Drive The Mindset Of The Public Towards The Government Jobs

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If getting a job was a matter of respect, then how many people would have not taken it? If government jobs, in case of men, assured them of finding a life partner easily, then how many of them would have left out a government job. These are a couple of questions which shows that the social factors have had a significant influence in deciding the interest of students from the very beginning of their careers. 

In the earlier days when a government job made for a celebration in the whole locality or more properly in the village from which one hailed. Sweets, gifts, and even meals were arranged for people from the entire village. It was almost an occasion for celebration. Immediately, the parents would have pouring of offers of marriage from all corners as if, the government job was the only news that girls’ families were waiting for. In some communities, the craze for government job son-in-laws was such that people were ready to offer huge costs of gifts and other things to the boy during the marriage. 

Obviously, if such is the social custom, then the interest of students to take up government jobs would naturally be high. Someone who was a babu in a government office would be held in high esteem in the community. If the term ‘babu’ was associated with someone, the respect for him came from all sides in the good olden days. In the present scenario, students loath the word and wish to work in a private set up where such words are completely unheard of. 

No one of the present generation likes to be called as a ‘babu’, which for them probably means a post which is akin to clerk or an office boy and as if this denoted someone who is not well qualified. To some extent, this thought process was true as many people who used to get the government jobs in earlier days were hardly passing out from the intermediate or had at least taken admissions in the graduate courses. Getting government jobs was so easy in those days. 

The one thing that always has been a point of contention between the government jobs and private jobs is the factor of pay. Students of the modern generation would gladly argue that the government jobs can never give money from a young age as could be paid by the private companies. The large amount of money at a young age, which people can get, lets them enjoy their life. There is no point in enjoying life when the responsibilities of life are at the peak and when one wouldn’t feel like going out or enjoying. 

As the private companies are well known to have provided a heavy pay packet to its employers, they were obviously the choice when the number of government jobs couldn’t keep pace with the number of people who became eligible for jobs. It was then that the boom in private sector jobs happened and was led by the upsurge in the IT and software jobs. Since this a point of argument, there will always be negative and positive views on it. But people should plan out their career path in such a way that they can implement their plans over a long period of time.



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