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Brain Teaser: Can You Make 3 Squares, By Moving 3 matchsticks in this Image?

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Brain Teaser: Can You Make 3 Squares, By Moving 3 matchsticks in this Image?

Are you ready for a brain-teasing challenge that will set your puzzle-solving skills into action? Grab your thinking cap and join us in this delightful matchstick puzzle! The goal is to rearrange the given matchsticks within the image to form exactly three squares. Sounds intriguing, right? Let’s dive into the puzzle and figure out the solution step by step.

The Puzzle Setup

In the original image, we have a formation of matchsticks arranged in a specific pattern that we need to modify to create three squares. Here is how the matchsticks are initially arranged:

The Challenge

Your task is to move only three matchsticks within the existing arrangement to create a new configuration that forms precisely three squares. It’s a test of creativity and problem-solving to achieve this goal with just three moves.

Analyzing the Initial Arrangement

Before we start rearranging the matchsticks, let’s take a close look at the current configuration. The matchsticks are positioned in a way that resembles a shape, but it’s not forming squares at the moment.

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Proposed Solution

To accomplish the task of creating three squares by moving only three matchsticks, we’ll provide a step-by-step solution below :-

Move a matchstick from the letter ‘F’ formation to the empty space between the ‘F’ and the dot at the bottom.

Step 1

Move a matchstick from the right leg of the ‘F’ to connect the top of the ‘F’.

Step 2

Move a matchstick from the ‘T’ shape to connect the right leg of the ‘F’.

Step 3

Resulting Configuration

After following the above steps, the matchsticks are rearranged to form three squares as shown below:

Final Configuration

Congratulations! You’ve successfully solved the challenge by moving only three matchsticks to create three squares. This puzzle not only exercises your spatial and logical thinking but also highlights the fun and creative aspects of problem-solving.

Enjoy more brain teasers and puzzles to keep your mind sharp and engaged. Happy puzzling!


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