Banasthali Vidyapeeth Admit Card

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Banasthali Vidyapeeth Admit Card 2014- 15

Banasthali Vidyapeeth conducts several examinations for admission in the different Undergraduate & Postgraduate courses. The candidates willing to get admission in the University must firstly apply for their candidature and thereon search to download their admit card to appear in the examination. Applicants can find the details in relation to download in the following segments…

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Section A:

> Mathematics- Geometric and Harmonic progression; Arithmetic, Permutation and Combination, Exponential and Logarithmic series and Application of Binomial Theorem etc

> Statistics- frequency distribution and probability concept, Measures of central Tendency

> Coordinate Geometry- Circle, Straight Line, Ellipse etc

> Algebra- Definition and simple properties of groups and subgroups, cyclic groups, permutation groups, Cosets

> Vector Space- subspaces, Definition and simple properties, linear dependence and linear independence of vector space etc

> Calculus and Differential Equations: Successive differentiation, Polar tangent, Leibnitz Theorem, normal subtangent and subnormal, Expansion of functions by Maclaurin?s and Taylors series, derivative of an arc (Cartesian and polar) Indeterminate forms; Integration of irrational algebraic and trigonometrical functions, Differential equations of first order and first degree, Definite integral, Linear differential equations with constant coefficients.

> Linear differential equations of any order, Partial differentiation with Eulers theorem and its applications, Maxima and Minima of one variables

> Real Analysis- Description of the real number system as a complete ordered field, Bounded and unbounded sets of real numbers Supremum and infimum of a bounded set; Neighbourhood of a point; Real sequences and their convergence, Cauchys general principle of convergence; Cauchy sequence etc

> Convergence of series- comparison test, ratio test Alternating series, root test, Leibnitz test; Continuous functions and their properties

Section B:

> Reasoning Ability

> Verbal and Nonverbal reasoning

How to Download Banasthali Vidyapeeth Admit Card 2014- 15

a) Aspirant, at first, must visit the authorized gateway of the University.

b) Search the notification sections for the link of “Banasthali Vidyapeeth Admit Card 2014- 15”

c) Give the details as required by the page in order to show your admit card.

d) After filling the details, click on “Submit” button flashing at the end.

e) In a few seconds the website will flash your admit card on the screen of your device.

f) Save to take print out later OR you can also take print out at that time only.

Official URL: banasthali.org


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