Admit Card Of UPSEE

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Admit Card Of UPSEE 2014- 15

Admit card of UPSEE [Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Examination] can be found at the official gateway of the Uttar Pradesh Technical University as this is the conducting authority of UPSEE. In order to attend the exam, aspiring contenders need to apply first and there on, download admit card. Process to download Admit Card can be found as follows…

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Syllabus of UPSEE:-

Physics –Laws of Motion (Force & inertia, Measurement; Newton’s laws of motion & their significance); one-dimensional motion with constant accelerations, Motion in one dimension (Average velocity, instantaneous velocity, Motion in two dimensions; freely falling bodies); Linear Momentum & collisions; power, Work, Power and Energy (Work done by a constant and variable forces, kinetic and potential energy, Conservative and non conservative forces, potential energy stored in a spring, gravitational energy, work energy theorem); conservation of energy, Gravitation; Oscillatory motion; Mechanics of solids and fluids; Heat and thermodynamics; Wave; Electrostatics; Current Electricity; Magnetic Effect of Current; Magnetism in Matter; Electromagnetic induction; Ray Optics and optical instruments; Wave Optics; Modern Physics

Chemistry – Pauli’s exclusion principle, Atomic Structure (Bohr’s concept, molecular orbital theory for homonuclear molecules, Quantum numbers, Electronic configuration); balancing of equations, Redox Reactions (Oxidation number, oxidising and reducing agents); Acid – Base Concepts; Catalysis; Chemical Bonding; Electrochemistry; Thermochemistry; Colloids; Periodic Table; IUPAC; Isomerism; General Organic Chemistry; Polymers; Carbohydrates; Solid State; Petroleum

Mathematics – Sets relations & functions, Algebra (De-Morgan’s Law, Mapping Inverse relations, Equivalence relations, Peano’s axioms, Definition of rationals & integers through equivalence relation); Probability; Statics; Matrices; Identities; Trigonometry: Calculus; Vectors (scalar & vector products of 2 & 3 vectors and their applications, Co-ordinate Geometry; Algebra of vectors)

Downloading Method of Admit Card of UPSEE 2014- 15:

1. Visit the Official website of UPSEE at first.

2. Navigate to the column of Notice.

3. Fill your details of application provided at the time of registration.

4. Submit your entered details.

5. Get some print out of the admit card for future use.

Official URL: upsee.nic.in


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