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2024’s Projected SASSA Child Grant Increase: Comprehensive Insights

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SASSA Child Grant Increase: All You Need to Know

2024's Projected SASSA Child Grant Increase: Comprehensive Insights

News: Childcare costs can pose significant challenges, particularly for families facing financial constraints. To ease this financial strain, the South African Government administers a child support grant through SASSA (South African Social Security Agency). The primary objective of this grant is to provide financial aid to low-income households, assisting them in fulfilling the basic needs of their children.

Expected Increase in 2024

The South African government operates the Child Support Grant, a program designed to offer financial assistance to low-income households. Managed by SASSA, the current grant amount stands at R510. The primary purpose of this grant is to aid families in addressing the fundamental requirements of their children. The upcoming payment for the grant is slated for December 5, 2023.

Eligibility Criteria for the Child Support Grant

Eligibility for the Child Support Grant is contingent upon meeting specific criteria established by SASSA for both the parent(s) and the child. The applicant, who is the primary caregiver seeking the grant, must be a South African citizen and satisfy the financial eligibility standards. Single individuals applying for the grant should not surpass an annual income of R52,800, while married individuals must ensure that their combined annual income does not exceed R105,600. Furthermore, the child for whom the grant is sought must be under 18 years of age and reside with the primary caregiver.

Payment Dates for 2024

SASSA issues an annual payment schedule for the Child Grant, subject to regular updates. Beneficiaries can stay informed about upcoming payment dates for the following year by accessing the official SASSA website. Presently, the payment schedule for the Child Grant extends up to March 2024.

Important Information about the Child Grant

Families meeting the eligibility criteria receive a monthly payment of R510 for the Child Grant, comprising a base amount of R500 with an additional R10 top-up. SASSA facilitates the grant distribution through diverse methods, including cash disbursement, electronic deposits, and collaboration with administering institutions. It is imperative for beneficiaries to promptly inform SASSA of any alterations in their circumstances, as such changes can impact the grant. While payments are typically scheduled for a specific date each month, occasional delays may occur due to various reasons.

The initial application for the Child Grant may take up to three months to process. This timeframe encompasses the verification of provided information against the eligibility criteria. The grant becomes effective from the date of the approval decision. Application forms are available at the nearest SASSA branch for individuals seeking to apply for the Child Grant for the first time.


1. Is it permissible for non-South African citizens to seek the Child Support Grant?

No, eligibility for the grant requires that the primary caregiver applying must be a South African citizen.

2. What steps should I take if there are alterations in my circumstances?

It is essential to inform SASSA about any changes in your situation, as they could impact the grant.

3. What occurs if the child is no longer under my care?

The grant will be suspended if the child is no longer in the care of the beneficiaries.

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